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Terminal Info

Terminal Rules

  • Maximum one driver per truck
  • No pedestrians in terminal area.
  • Drivers are only permitted to leave truck to lock/unlock twist-locks and must stay with truck.
  • All drivers must be equipped with PPE and Photo ID Card.
  • No cell phone communications while driving.
  • Speed limit in terminal is 20kph.
  • Directions from mps staff must be followed at all times.

How to Collect an Import Container

  • Import identified for Green Channel direct release.
  • The client (or shipping line if the line is taking all terminal charges) applies to MPS pre-gate at Greenwich House.
  • MPS Customer Service will validate Line Release, Customs Release and any other release and issue a terminal bill if consignee is paying charges.
  • The client pays terminal charges at bank located at Greenwich House or bank of his choice.
  • Once payment is verified MPS will issue a terminal truck Entry Permit. This entry permit has a 24 hour validity period.
  • The client provides the Entry Permit to his designated trucker who then proceeds to the terminal within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • At the Terminal Gate MPS will verify the validity of the Entry Permit and issue a Pick-up Ticket and a “BAT” card. The Pick-up Ticket will indicate the location in the Terminal where to the container is stored or will be loaded to the truck.
  • The Trucker prominently displays the BAT card in his windshield (this is the identifier for the terminal Crane-Driver) and drives to the location. At the location the pick-up ticket is handed to the Crane-Clerk who then instructs the terminal Crane-Driver to load the container to the truck.
  • Once the container is loaded, the truck driver locks the twist-locks and proceeds to out-gate.
  • At out-gate MPS Checker will carry out damage inspection and Gate-Clerk will print an EIR. Trucker signs EIR and retains one copy of EIR, MPS retains the other.
  • Trucker then exits MPS terminal and proceeds to designated GPHA gate where GPHA release process will be followed.

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